What's New?: Entries from January - December 2022

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This is an overview of all What's New updates from 2022. If you're looking for more up-to-date entries, please check out this article.

Finish the year strong 💪: Dec 15

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been working hard to release some exciting features to help you end the year focused and organized with Todoist.

A better look at your week 🗓️


Calm and in control 🧘‍♀️. That’s how you’ll feel when looking at boards in the Upcoming view. Available on web and desktop, get a quick overview of your weekly schedule and plan your days ahead. When you enable boards view in the Upcoming view, every day of the week is a dedicated section, with your tasks shown as cards underneath. Drag and drop your tasks between days for superquick rescheduling and use the shortcuts shift + → and shift + ← to navigate to the next and previous weeks.

Plan your day with Boards in Today view


It is now possible to enable boards in the Today view. Exciting news for those looking for an option to “Kanban” their day! Let’s say you have different labels for e.g., phone calls, emails, work tasks, and personal tasks. You can now select Group by Label from the sorting options. Each label will be displayed as a separate column with its tasks shown as cards — a quick and easy way to get a bird’s-eye view of today’s workload.

Formatting made easy ⌨️


Make your task stand out in bold, highlight text in italics, or add handy links to your text. Formatting has never been easier with our new WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get. Get it? 🤭). All you have to do is highlight a piece of text, then select formatting options from the editor menu that appears. And a special note for the “We ❤️ Markdown” crew: tech-savvy folks can still paste Markdown or type its syntax into Todoist to convert the text into Rich Text.

Formatting text with the WYSIWYG editor is only available on the web and desktop, but any formatted text will appear as such across all platforms.

Complete and start over 🔁


Due to popular demand, you can now reset your sub-tasks whenever you complete the recurring parent task they belong to. Perfect for those daily routines and habit tracking. Go to the task menu (or long press the task’s circle on mobile) to choose how you want to complete a specific recurring parent task. You can also set the default behavior for completing recurring tasks with sub-tasks in your settings. Learn more.

  • The notifications panel will now show the last tab you had open, so you can pick things up right where you left off.
  • New habit push notifications to stay on top of your tasks of the day: morning overview and evening review. To activate on mobile, toggle them on via Settings > Notifications.
  • We thought it would be nice to change the color of links to red. It wasn’t. Link colors are now neutral again.

  • You can once again create separate tasks in Quick Add when you paste multiple lines of text.
  • Duration of events in Google Calendar will now sync properly (only for newly created tasks).
  • It may have felt like you were in a house of mirrors when sections were duplicated for no apparent reason. That puzzle is solved, no more duplicates.
  • Notification messages were piling up and covering the left side of the screen, making it hard to do anything else. That’s fixed.

  • WatchOS users saw a spike in their productivity when recurring tasks with sub-tasks were accidentally completed thousands of times. This has been fixed.

  • No more empty loading screen when trying to open the app.
  • Dynamic Add will once again place a new task in its intended spot.
  • Duplicate tasks will no longer appear when you uncomplete a task.

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2862; iOS 22.12.11; Android v10646; Android Wear w10603; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.9; macOS 8.1.1

Boost your productivity with 5 brand-new extensions: Nov 22

We are very excited to introduce six new extensions, designed to amplify Todoist with powerful functionalities that help boost your productivity! Start tracking your habits, create your very own templates, or enjoy the magic of AI to help you reach your goals.

→ Browse all of the new extensions here.

Habit Tracker (desktop and web only) → Add extension


With the new Habit Tracker extension, you can finally start tracking (and celebrating!) your recurring tasks’ completion streak (in the task description) and completion history (in the comments). 

To use the Habit Tracker extension:

  1. Click on any task to open the task view, and click on the three dots icon in the top-right corner to open the task menu.
  2. Select Track habit.
  3. Don’t forget to share your feedback!

Make sure to complete your recurring task each day. As any recurring task that becomes overdue at the end of the day, will cause your streak to reset.

Export to Google Sheets (desktop and web only) → Add extension


Documenting and reporting on work in progress and completed work just became a whole lot easier with the new Export to Google Sheets extension.

To use the Export to Google Sheets extension:

  1. In any Todoist project, click on the three dots icon in the top-right to open the project menu.
  2. Select Export to Google Sheets
  3. Use the checkboxes to select which task fields (including due date, priority, creation date, description, section, assignee) you want to export.
  4. Click on Export.
  5. Don’t forget to share your feedback!

Templates (desktop and web only) → Add extension


The new Templates extension allows you to browse, search, and import templates directly from within Todoist. On top of that, you can use the Templates extension to import one of your existing projects as a template for a new project. 

To use the Templates extension to import from a template:

  1. In any Todoist project, click on the three dots icon in the top-right to open the project menu.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Select Import from template
  4. In the modal that opens, use the search bar to search for a specific template or scroll down to browse the list of templates. Select the template you want to import.
  5. Click Import Template.
  6. Don’t forget to share your feedback!

To use the Templates extension to import from a project:

  1. In any Todoist project, click on the three dots icon in the top-right to open the project menu.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Select Import from project
  4. In the modal that opens, select the project you want to import.
  5. Click on Import Project as Template.
  6. Don’t forget to share your feedback!

Task Helper (desktop and web only) → Add extension


The Task Helper extension offers three automated task actions, all designed to speed up your work and save you from having to perform some of the following tedious manual actions over and over again. After adding the extension, you'll find these helpers in the task menu:

  • Turn a task into an uncompletable task
  • Apply parent task’s attributes to all sub-tasks
  • Create a follow-up task on task completion 

To use the Task Helper extension:

  1. Click the three dots icon that appears on the right side of your task when you hover over it. Or alternatively, click on any task to open the task view, and click on the three dots icon in the top-right corner to open the task menu. 
  2. Click Task Helper.
  3. Select one of the automated task actions.
  4. Don’t forget to share your feedback!

Conversation Starters (desktop and web only) → Add extension


With the new Conversation Starters extension, awkward silences during your 1-on-1s will become a thing of the past. Simply trigger the extension, and 5 conversation starters to help structure your meeting agenda will automatically be added to your Todoist project.

To use the Conversation Starters extension:

  1. In any Todoist project, click on the three dots icon in the top-right to open the project menu.
  2. Select Add conversation starters
  3. Don’t forget to share your feedback!

🗄️ Archived projects have moved: Nov 9


Ah, the satisfaction of finishing a project and moving it to your archive. Done, never to be seen again. 👋 Unless … when you do want to see it again. We may have alarmed some of you who were looking for your archived projects in the last couple of days. Sorry about that. We have moved archived projects for better access, allowing you to browse through your archive with more ease. To access your archived projects, click the Projects header in the sidebar and select Archived. Mobile users will be happy to know that archived projects can now also be accessed on mobile. To visit the archive on mobile, scroll down the projects lists and select Manage projects.

Also, we’ve been doing some fall maintenance: sweeping leaves 🍂 and removing bugs 🐛 to keep things working as they should be.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl (⌃) + Enter while writing a task description to save the description.
  • On Android you can now leave, archive, unarchive, and delete projects directly from the menu.

  • The add task button is now active when grouping by label or adding a task from label view.
  • All comments have timestamps again.
  • Links are now processed correctly when dragging an email from Apple Mail into a task name.

  • Widgets now display correct task counters for grouped tasks views.
  • Color sorting in the Productivity chart has been corrected and is looking all pretty again! 🤩
  • Fixed visual glitch that caused overlapping text in the app header.

  • You can once again keep track of your Karma 🧘 in the Productivity view while offline.
  • No more app crashes when trying to add a task.
  • It is now once again possible to move tasks to a section in the Inbox.
  • Comments were acting a bit glitchy, we fixed that. 🔧

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2673; iOS 22.11.2; Android v10586; Android Wear w10543; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.9; macOS 8.1.0

Headings for Mobile: Oct 12 📱

Our team has been busy with some app polishing ✨ and minor improvements to keep everything running smoothly. Also, we’ve successfully squashed a group of pesky little bugs. Bye-bye, bugs! 🐛

Heading formatting — now also on iOS and Android!


There’s nothing like a heading to add a bit of structure to your writing. So mobile app users will be happy to hear that they can now also stylize text with headings in task descriptions and comments.

Create a heading by adding # in front of a word or phrase. The amount of # corresponds to the heading level. For example, to create a level two heading, use two number signs (e.g., ## Your Header).

  • When sharing a project, the link sometimes didn’t work. That was annoying, and we fixed it.
  • The E shortcut can once again be used to uncomplete (as well as complete) your task in task view.
  • You may have thought you were seeing double when duplicates of the same task started appearing. 👀 It wasn’t you. It was a bug. And that bug has been exterminated.

  • Reactions to comments will no longer disappear.
  • Items in the Quick Add menu are now properly translated (depending on your language settings, of course!).
  • The Unread tab will once again be empty when you’ve read all your notifications.

  • Clicking on a deleted task in the activity log resulted in a neverending search for something that can no longer be found, causing the app to crash. While deleted tasks cannot be opened or restored, the app won’t crash anymore regardless. 🤷
  • You can still see the task title when adding a task with Quick Add.
  • The preview text of comments should also be visible in Dark theme. It is now, so you are no longer left in the dark. ⚫
  • No more app crashes when moving tasks to a different project in Upcoming view or using & in the search bar.

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2559; iOS 22.10.9; Android v10532; Android Wear w10483; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.9; macOS 8.1.0

iOS 16 Lock Screen: Sept 21 👀


Announcing iOS 16 lock screen widgets! We couldn’t let a major update happen for our iOS folks without giving you something new to play with. You can now add tasks, check your goals and see what’s on your list for today, all from the fancy new iOS 16 lock screen. 🔒

In other news, we’ve also been powering through some bug fixes. Because checking things off our to-do list is what we do best. 🎯

  • If you’re a filter lover (or yet to become one), you’ll be pleased to know that you will now see a task count next to filters on web. 🥳 Just like labels, projects, and favorites.
  • We’ve almost doubled the number of notifications Todoist can show (and it’s a lot). If your Todoist is a hive of activity, you’ll be glad not to miss out on that buzz. 🐝 And remember, you always have full control over your notifications if you like to keep things quiet. 🧘‍♀️

  • Archived tasks will no longer show up in your filters. You archived that task for a reason… To throw it into the abyss of system memory, never to be seen again. We’re honoring that now. 😌

  • Reminders are working on sub-tasks once again. Phew!
  • All comments will now load under your tasks. New ones, old ones, irrelevant ones. It’s all there for you to see again.

  • In Dark theme, question marks appeared next to your unassigned tasks. Not a passive-aggressive way of us questioning your task choices. Simply a bug. And it’s fixed now.
  • No more app crashes when accessing the activity log or dragging sections in boards. Those are both working as expected. 🧹

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2482; iOS 22.9.14; Android v10484; Android Wear w10443; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.9; macOS 8.1.0

Little Tweaks to Keep Todoist Sleek 😎: Sept 6


We’re always tackling the big stuff here at Todoist, but the little tweaks and polishes need tending to as well. Here’s a bundle of improvements and bug fixes to give you a peek 👀 into what’s been crossed off the team’s to-do list.

  • When viewing a task, you can now uncomplete (as well as complete) your task by using the shortcut E.

  • A search for completed tasks will no longer bring back uncompleted tasks too. That bug has been banished.
  • Bulleted lists will now format correctly within comments and descriptions. Because who doesn’t love a list, within a list on their to-do list? (Woah…meta.) 😵💫

  • VoiceOver is back to reading out task priorities. So you can be sure to tackle your most important tasks first. 😌

  • Snoozed reminders will no longer appear after you’ve completed a task. A pointless, pesky bug that has now been eradicated.
  • If you have a few projects with the same name, you may have found your Today view, grouped by project, didn’t show all of those tasks. That’s fixed now.
  • You can now log in by typing in your email address without problems again.
  • Comments got a little glitchy for a while, with invisible reactions and visible deleted comments, but those are fixed now.

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2348; iOS 22.8.4; Android v10202; Android Wear w10161; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.7

Shortcut Update: Aug 11


Indenting sub-tasks just got super speedy! While editing your task, use the keyboard shortcut ⌘/Ctrl + ] to indent and ⌘/Ctrl + [ to unindent. Full sub-task control at your fingertips. 🚀


Do you use task management with your team? We would love to chat with you. If you’d like to talk with us, fill in this form, and we’ll be in touch.

  • Do you like receiving an alert email when there’s a new login to your Todoist? If it’s not your favorite thing, you can now toggle this off by going to Settings > Notifications > New Login Alert.

  • You can drag and drop your attachments to tasks again without the pesky error message.
  • If you noticed your shared project collaborator count was +1, you didn’t have a spooky visitor. 👻 We just needed to improve our math. That’s fixed now!
  • If you were having trouble opening completed tasks, that’s back to working as expected.
  • Every! X hours command was recently fixed, but this broke every X hours when the task date was overdue. Not the intended domino effect, so it’s fixed.

  • The ability to add a sub-task did a disappearing act when you completed all other sub-tasks. That unhelpful bug was duly squashed.
  • You can once again tap-hold a task to both assign and unassign it.

  • If the numbers in your sub-task counter looked a little off, that’s because they were. But that’s been fixed now.
  • You can once again list your tasks alphabetically by choosing Sort by name from the sorting options.
  • Un-assigning a task when sorting is enabled will no longer cause the Android app to crash. 😬

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2348; iOS 22.8.4; Android v10202; Android Wear w10161; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.7

Freshened Up: July 28 🧽


A few bug fixes here, some little updates there, and your Todoist is back to looking fresh and feeling fine.

  • You can once again bold an entire task by adding ** to both sides of the task name. (eg. **Create accounting spreadsheet** becomes Create accounting spreadsheet.)
  • If you were having trouble adding sub-tasks within sections, that bug has now been squashed. 🎉

  • Hidden sub-tasks will stay hidden (until you choose to show them again).
  • You may have had a bonus blank task added to your project when using voice dictation. Not the most helpful type of bonus, agreed. That’s now fixed!

  • You can delete a task from the widget once again without getting stuck on a load screen loop.
  • Reordering subtasks looked a little glitchy, but that’s back to running smoothly now.
  • When you complete a task in the notification center, the notification will now disappear. Instead of hanging around reminding you of that thing you just did.
  • Reminders are working on Android Wear once again.⏰

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2301; iOS 22.7.17; Android v10010; Android Wear w9969; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.7

Back By Popular Demand: July 14


We thought it was the result of a bug, but you told us it was actually a handy feature. So, we’re now supporting every! x hour task recurrence!

Perfect if you want a task to recur a set amount of hours from when it was last completed (e.g., taking medication, walking the dog, checking work emails, etc). Currently available on the web app and iOS, with Android following soon. 

  • Accidentally added ‘Everyone’ to a comment notification? You can now remove ‘Everyone’ with one click. Backtracking just got way more efficient.
  • Some fixes have been made to email notifications, so if you were having trouble with them, you should notice they’re sending reliably once again. 💌

  • The E shortcut for completing tasks now works in the new task view. You can get back to complete keyboard control.
  • Within a section, when adding a task above or below another task, the order of tasks got a little scrambled. No longer! Your task will stay exactly where you want it.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to move tasks up/down (⌘↑/⌘↓) didn’t work in board view, but that bug has been banished. 🙅‍♀️

  • When editing a task, the # shortcut created a label rather than a project. That was confusing and not what you expected, so we fixed it.
  • Your task count for Today view will now consistently show the right number of due tasks.

  • Selecting the task breadcrumbs will now give you Go to... options. A vast improvement on the nothing it did before this fix.
  • Filters are once again working in Chinese languages on Android!
  • Sync has been tweaked, so you can get back to working seamlessly between all apps.
  • When selecting a task, the option to add a task above/below by selecting the three dots menu did a disappearing act. That’s now back where it belongs. ✨

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2257; iOS 22.7.0; Android v10010; Android Wear w9969; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.7

Fine Tuning: June 16


Nothing much to see here. Just the regular aligning and refining you’ve come to expect. Your Todoist is now running smoother and looking even more polished in many oh-so-subtle ways.


Have you ever thought of becoming a Todoist Experimentalist? 🧬

  • Small design tweaks to make Todoist easier on the eyes.
  • Breadcrumbs stay clickable on completed tasks, making it possible to navigate back to parent tasks or projects.
  • When inviting multiple collaborators to a project, you can now add them at once by inserting a comma between each name or email address. 👯

  • You can once again type !!1, !!2, !!3, or !!4 to set your task priority, and it will save as expected.
  • You can now also type your priorities in as P1, P2, P3, or P4 in either uppercase or lowercase, and Todoist will understand.
  • A few small bugs that popped up when typing in due dates across multiple languages have now been squished.
  • If you spotted some odd color choices in Todoist lately, we were just testing you. All is now looking as it should. 🎨

  • A few of you encountered weird login issues, but that was quickly fixed.
  • Tapping on a task that had been indented a few times was making some apps crash. No one needs that, so the bug has been squashed.

  • Reminders are working once again for rescheduled tasks on Android Wear. Phew! ⏰

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2178; iOS 22.6.4; Android v9878; Android Wear w9837; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.7

Introducing New Task View: May 24 ✨


Smarter, bigger, faster, longer… Not how the song goes exactly, but precisely what you’ll find with the launch of the all-new task view! 🥳 If you value hyper-speed task navigation, beautiful design, and accessibility as a core function, you’re in for a treat.

The Todoist team has taken years of feedback and spent months perfecting every pixel to bring this task view to life. A special shout-out also goes to the Experimentalist community, whose road testing has been fundamental to developing this feature.

In fact, there are so many updates to obsess over that there is an entire blog post published to walk you through it. So settle in, and let Alex show you all the details.

Read the blog (English)


If you dream a little dream of being part of the Doist team (and are better at writing accidental rhymes than that rubbish)... We’re hiring!

  • Small visual improvements to keep Todoist looking polished.
  • On iOS, you can now end those repeat tasks quicker by long pressing your task until the menu pops up, then selecting ‘Complete Forever’. A quick reminder that you can also do this on all devices from the three dots icon on your task. Oh, the satisfaction! 😌
  • Typing !! on web will now bring up the priority dropdown, just like all other platforms.
  • You can now strikethrough text on Android Wear by putting ~~ on either side of the word you’d like to strikethrough.

  • If you moved a task from Upcoming/Today view to another project, then removed the due date, you may have experienced a crash. It’s a niche bug, but niche or not, it’s fixed.
  • When you react to comments with an emoji, your view will now stay put instead of an unsolicited scroll to the top.
  • When editing a task due date, if your scheduler went a little wonky, that won’t happen anymore.

  • Dragging a subtask outside of the "Task Details" into a board no longer crashes the app. Phew!

  • On Android Wear, if a task has a scheduled time, that time will now show under the task. Handy to have this, especially on your watch, no?

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2083; iOS 22.5.9; Android v9730; Android Wear w9689; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Little Flourishes and Keeping Bugs at Bay: May 11


Once in a while, it’s nice to switch focus from battling bugs and working on new features (🤫) to add a little flourish or two.

In Upcoming view on your desktop or browser, when you hover over a date in the future, you’ll see a tooltip showcasing the number of tasks due that day. You’ll also see a bar showcasing the colors of the projects you’re working on. Consider it your rainbow of future productivity! 🌈


There are also some exciting updates on Todoist Experimentalists! To learn more about that magic, visit the dedicated Experimentalists Features page. 🧙

  • Sorting tasks just got quicker! You can now drag tasks into both your Inbox and your favorited projects.

  • Adding a project as a board view will stay as a board view. No more switching to list view nonsense.
  • Quick Add crashing when adding a new section to a new project is a thing of the past!
  • Todoist will once again recognize “no date” and “no due date” to mean exactly what they say.
  • Safari got lonely for a minute. When typing @, you’ll now see a list of your collaborators rather than an empty box.
  • If you tried opening comments on an archived project and hit a blank page, that won’t happen anymore.
  • You can discard your settings changes with reckless abandon again. Todoist won’t freeze in fear. Promise.
  • You can select the three dots icon on a completed task once again. No errors will show. Hopefully.

  • If you decided to move a task, your Inbox had done a disappearing act. You’ll now see Inbox appear again on the list of places to move it.
  • When using VoiceOver, your number of tasks in Inbox and Today View is now accurate.

  • Crashes on Android 7, widget functions, and reminders settings have been fixed. Crashes are annoying for all (Todoist developers included), so everyone can be happy they’re gone.
  • When you changed your avatar image, it’s probably because you wanted to change your avatar image, not have it stay the same. So that’s working as expected now.

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2023; iOS 22.4.9; Android v9632; Android Wear w9591; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Garden Friendly Bug Squashing: Apr 13


While it’s fun to share about fancy new features, sometimes, like hedges, trees and lawns, it’s all about the maintenance. And while there has been a ton of bug squashing going on at Todoist, please don’t apply that same logic to your horticulture. Let that ecosystem thrive. 🌸🐝🐞

Read on if you want the details of all of the (non-living) bugs exterminated.


You’ll find some exciting updates on Todoist Experimentalists! To learn more about that alchemy, visit the dedicated Experimentalists Features page. ⚗️

  • Syncing tasks between web and mobile got glitchy. That’s not what you need while adding tasks on the go. It’s fixed now, so you can get back to seamlessly managing your to-do’s.

  • You can now use Tab on an iPad keyboard exactly how you’d use it on MacOS to jump from task title to description.
  • If you experienced a crash when you created a filter query that referred to a project, that’s fixed now. So you can filter away until your heart is content. 😌

  • When you tried to rename a project, you couldn’t see the update right away. That’s now back to updating at lighting speed. ⚡
  • You can once again move a task to another section within your projects without a hitch.

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 1988; iOS 22.3.19; Android v9460; Android Wear w9419; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Spring Clean Your Todoist: Mar 30


Deleting tasks is an integral part of managing a healthy to-do list, and it’s now easier than ever with Todoist’s new swipe to delete action on mobile.

Whether some tasks are outdated, unlikely to be completed, or just don’t serve you anymore, the relief and clarity you can feel from deleting those redundant tasks are second to none. 😌 Of course, capturing tasks as soon as they pop into your head is a great thing, but reviewing your Todoist and keeping everything ship-shape and actionable is where the magic happens. ✨

You have complete control over your mobile swipe actions and can choose to either swipe left or right to select, complete, schedule or now… delete! Just go to Settings > General > Swipe Actions to set your preference.


There have been lots of updates for Todoist Experimentalists too. To keep on top of that magic, visit the dedicated Experimentalists Features page. 🧪

  • You can now start capturing tasks right away in board view, rather than having to add a section first. Smarter, better, faster task adding.

  • You can once again duplicate any project from the project three dots icon.
  • In board view, completed tasks without a section did a disappearing act! Those are back now, so you can see completed tasks whether they’re in a section or not.
  • The copy link shortcut (⇧⌘, or ⇧Ctrl,) is back to working as expected.
  • Keyboard navigation just got smoother, with the focus remaining on a task once it’s been indented.
  • It’s now quicker to add tasks to an empty label screen with the addition of a new + Add task button.

  • Emoji reactions to comments went a little awry, but they are back to working just as you’d expect.
  • When using Voice Control, you’ll now find it easier to complete a task with checkbox number tags in place.
  • If you were one of the few that experienced an app crash when adding tasks after sorting, don’t worry! That’s fixed now.
  • When you drag and drop a task to a label, this once again assigns the label to your task.

  • You can drag and drop tasks to different sections, even when sorting is enabled.
  • Subtle fixes across the board to make Todoist faster, bug-free, and easier on the eyes.

Latest versions at the time of publishing:
Web 1977; iOS 22.3.8; Android v9378; Android Wear w9337; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Experiment in progress: Mar 9


Todoist Experimentalists are currently testing out a new task view. Lately, there have been quantum leaps in bringing this updated task view to life. To see what all the fuss is about (and be among the first to access other test features), simply enable experimental features.

As for Todoist in general, spring cleaning has commenced (bugs begone!), and a few tweaks and improvements have everything feeling fresh. ✨

  • Subtle shortcut grouping makes finding the right action in the command menu ( K or Ctrl K) so much easier.
  • You can now reschedule your overdue tasks via the command menu by selecting ‘Reschedule overdue.’ 📅
  • The new option to ping Everyone from the notify bar in comments helps keep all of your task collaborators in the loop.

  • Your sub-tasks will now stay as sub-tasks when you duplicate a section within a project. No more manual rejigging.
  • Audio recordings for comments are now back on Safari, and you can once again playback your audio comments before sending them.
  • You can now navigate the command menu by using [Tab] to toggle down the list and [Shift+ Tab] to toggle up.
  • Dragging and dropping files into comments is working as you’d expect.
    If you complete a sub-task with labels, those labels will still show. Just like they should!

  • There have been a ton of small bug squashes and app improvements to keep Todoist in great shape.

  • Creating a project offline was a bit buggy. That’s fixed, so your projects will sync flawlessly offline and online.
  • If you input a word that could be a date like “May” and then add another letter like “o” to make “Mayo,” the task would break. That’s now fixed. So you can get back to making your grocery list in peace.

Latest versions at the time of publishing:
Web 1923; iOS 22.2.12; Android v9304; Android Wear w9263; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

New macOS widget: Feb 16

Introducing a brand new Today widget for macOS! Kickstart your day with a glance at your to-dos and keep on top of your priorities with this handy Apple companion. To install, simply:

  1. Select the time at the top corner of your screen
  2. Scroll, then select Edit Widgets
  3. Choose Todoist from the list, and now you have a birds-eye view of your day

Three sizes let you decide how detail-rich you want that view to be. Available on macOS Big Sur and above.

Quick tip

Don’t have the Todoist macOS app? Download it here or via the app store.

  • Smoothly move tasks to sections (and not just projects) from anywhere in Todoist on Android.
  • In the Filters & Labels view, if you select a filter or label then want to return to this view, we’ll bring you right back to where you left off. No more scrolling to find the right spot.
  • Navigate in your Filters & Labels view without leaving your keyboard. Press J, K, , to focus on the first item. Then J or to navigate down the list and K or to navigate back up.

  • If you add and edit a task from Twist, the formatting stays just how you expect it.
  • A few other cosmetic touches to keep Todoist looking its best. 👑

  • Your widget won’t crash anymore when there’s information missing. You’ll just get a prompt to add it instead.
  • If you add a location-based reminder but don’t have the right permissions set, you’ll now get a nudge that shows you how.
  • Today view will once again display tasks due today for both you and everyone else. Only want to see your tasks? Select View > Assigned to > Only me.

  • When dragging tasks and projects, they didn’t always behave themselves. That’s fixed now.
  • You might have noticed that links to comments or tasks within tasks (how meta) didn’t open as expected. That was a bit silly; now it’s fixed.
  • No more scrolling to see the Save button. All action buttons are visible, so you can, well, take action!
  • When sharing a website from Chrome as a comment in Todoist, a link will auto-magically appear for you. ✨
  • You can now save and download images shared in the comments again.
  • When you sort something in order, you expect it to stay in that order. Thankfully, that’s once again the case.

Web 1827; iOS 22.2.9; Android 9172; Android Wear 9131; Windows 1.0.5; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

New in 2022: Feb 1

Getting focused for February? Well, that’s easier than ever with a heap of updates created to bring you more joy (hello reactions 🤩) and speed (like easy-to-learn keyboard shortcuts).

Comments: leveled up 🎮

Mention your collaborators in comments by typing @ and their name!

Commenting on tasks and projects keeps things moving forward with family, colleagues, and peers. Now you can keep everyone in the loop with new @mentions and a hyper intuitive notify field. Just start typing a collaborator’s name and select the person you want to ping!

The fun part? You can now also add every single emoji reaction to comments. Use this expanded power to acknowledge 👀, vote ✔️, celebrate 🎉, or thank 🙏🏻 your team.

Shortcut magic 🧞

Smooth, efficient, and — dare we say it — magical. That’s how you’ll feel when using the 39 new keyboard shortcuts. Add tasks, switch views, and open settings with just your fingertips.

Discover (and learn) every last shortcut with the all-new command menu. Hit K (macOS) or Ctrl K (Windows). Managing your tasks now feels like magic. 🔮

“Whatever you want to do in Todoist, there's probably a shortcut for it,” says Todoist Product Designer Alex. “And we couldn't have created the command menu without the help of our Todoist experimentalists, who shaped this feature with their feedback.”

Read the blog (English)

All-new views 👓

Find all your labels and filters in the view directly below Upcoming view.

Filters and labels give you control over how to view your tasks. You’ll now find them together in the main navigation menu, just after Upcoming. Favorite your filters to make finding them even speedier.

Views got an upgrade, too: Once in a project, you can now sort your tasks exactly how you like them with a single click of View. Naomi, the Todoist copywriter, uses the new option to group her tasks by priority to make sure she’s tackling what’s most important first. ✅

Super-smart Apple 🍎

Turn handwritten text into tasks by using the scan button in Quick Add on your iOS device.

Turn a scribbled note into a neat, organized task or description in Todoist. Simply use the scan button for Quick Add (it works with any other Live Text, too).

Plus, you can now copy and paste multiple tasks on the go. Turn ingredients lists from recipes into a shopping list on your way to the store. Or be like Todoist iOS Developer Carrasco and use it to gather all software bug reports into an Issues & Improvements project.

Award-winning Android 🏆

Hold down the menu icon to quickly switch between views on your Android device.

Navigating Todoist in Android just got faster. Hold down the menu icon to bring up Inbox, Today, and Upcoming, followed by your favorites or five recently opened views. Perfect for finding what you need on the go or taking a glance at your schedule, all in one super-swift action.

Speed up your capture and flows with new customization options for the buttons of your bottom app bar. It’s especially fantastic for lefties! In Todoist settings, select Bottom app bar to make it how you like it.

And don't forget to follow Todoist on Twitter. Did you see that the Android team won the 2021 Material Design Award?!

Last, but not least

P.S. Did you know we make another app? Twist is the only async work messaging app — built for teams burned out by real-time, all-the-time communication and ready for a new way of working together.

  • Navigate in your Filters & Labels view without leaving your keyboard. Press J, K, , to focus on the first item. Then J or to navigate down the list and K or to navigate back up.

  • Hit 0 to speedily open your Todoist app window on your macOS.
  • Take actions even faster! Now when you open the command menu ( K or Ctrl K) while focused on a task, the shortcuts shown are now tailored specifically for task actions, rather than any old action.
  • Caps lock frustration no more! Keyboard shortcuts now work whether you type in uppercase, lowercase, or both.
  • Plus, keyboard shortcuts now work better with Russian keyboard layouts.
  • If you delete an archived project, it’s now gone for good and won’t stay on your archived project list. Just like it should!

  • Opening comments will no longer also open up the last attachment. That’s because Todoist should only do as told.
  • You’ll now see the right number of collaborators when editing a shared project.
  • Changing labels from private to shared and then managing those tasks works as expected — perfect for the super sharers out there!
  • The text color in your productivity widget once again matches your carefully chosen theme.
  • If you use Todoist Free, you can now view your activity for the last seven days rather than just the current week.

Web 1712; iOS 22.1.7; Android 9104; Android Wear 9063; Windows 1.0.5; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.5

Comments upgrade: Jan 19

Mention anyone directly inside a comment by simply typing @ and then their name!

Working on projects with colleagues, fellow students, or family members just got a whole lot easier. Discuss the finer details of any task — or even the whole shared project — now that comments let you get your team’s attention, quickly notify the right people, and add reactions. Plus, the entire comments tab now looks a little more modern.

  • Directly ping teammates inside comments with new @mentions*
  • Start typing a name inside your notify field and Todoist will quickly fill in the rest
  • React to comments with every emoji in the books 📚

*You can still use @ before your labels when you’re adding or editing the task itself.

  • Turn tasks into sub-tasks (or sub-tasks into tasks) with your keyboard. Inside your project, use your arrows to focus on the task. Increase the indent of that task with . Decrease that indent with .

  • You’ll no longer be able to set reminders without a time. That just defeats the purpose!

  • Customizing the buttons on your bottom app bar might have meant your buttons were roaming around of their own accord. That bug has been squashed! All your buttons now stay exactly where you want them. 😌

  • Add a task and a little message appears at the top of your screen. You can once again open the task you just added directly from that message — rather than needing to search for it.

Web 1658; iOS 22.1.7; Android 9026; Android Wear 8985; Windows 1.0.3; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.4

Filters & Labels view: Jan 11

Find Filters and Labels view in your left-hand navigation.

Stop searching for filters and labels — now you’ll find them all in a single spot in your navigation menu! This not only clears up the clutter of your menu but also allows you to quickly scan one view to find what you're looking for.

Why filters and labels? They both let you sort your tasks so getting things checked off feels effortless.

Filters let you save your task searches so you can find exactly what you need in seconds — like all priority 1 work-related tasks due Monday. Labels, on the other hand, let you group similar tasks together, like every email you need to send or all tasks that take 15 minutes.

Customize your bottom app bar on Android

Customize your Android bottom bar and navigation in your Todoist settings.

Make your Todoist feel more like you by changing the location of your dynamic add button — you can choose to keep it in the center, move it to the right, or move it to the left. And there’s more: You can also change the order of the menu, search, and notification buttons. All this is available by going to Todoist settings then selecting Bottom app bar. Learn more.

Automatic Dark Mode for macOS

While ticking off task after task in Todoist can be a bright spot in your day, it shouldn't be glaring! Give your eyes a break with Dark Mode. Todoist now auto-switches between dark and light mode to match the rest of your macOS.

  • Add a task on your desktop, see a little message at the bottom of your screen. Now you can open the task you just added directly from that message — rather than needing to search for it.

  • Tasks with links back to emails in Gmail were broken. No longer. Happy Inbox Zeroing!
  • Couldn’t access your settings? That’s fixed too.

  • Once again, when you open Todoist notifications you’ll end up in the correct task — even with your Android 12.
  • Tap more than twice when using Quick Add and Todoist will remain alive and well.
  • Add a color to your label, as usual. (Then take a look at it from your new Filters & Labels view!)

  • Using VoiceOver in any other language than English occasionally caused English button titles to be read — but with your language’s pronunciation. That’s not good, so it’s fixed.
  • The beauty of Todoist is quickly adding task after task — which is harder if the app crashes when you’re doing just that. Not anymore!

Web 1644; iOS 22.1.2; Android 8988; Android Wear w8947; Windows 1.0.3; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.4