Having trouble with Todoist?

If you’re having problems with Todoist, here are a few ways to solve common issues.

Log out and log in

Whether you're having problems syncing with the server or experiencing a minor bug you just can't seem to shake, try logging out and then logging back in.

Many small issues can get solved this way, including applying credits for Todoist Pro, incorrect task counts and more. Here are links to the instructions for whichever platform you’re using:

  1. Log out of Todoist.
  2. Log back in to Todoist.

Clear the browser cache

If logging out and logging in doesn’t solve your problem, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Add Todoist to your browser's safe list

To ensure that Todoist cookies work properly on your browser, add Todoist to your browser's safe list.

Reinstall the app

If you’re still having trouble, try reinstalling the app.

Still having trouble?

Contact us and let us know which steps you've taken already so we can troubleshoot this issue for you.